Using Google’s own aptly named mobile ad platform, the good folks at Google’s mobile wing are responsible for serving more than two hundred billion ad requests a month. In order to make the experience as painless as possible, they’ve crafted a suite of tools to help your app’s ad-serving efforts run the gauntlet. Among them is the aforementioned ad-serving platform, aptly named Google Ads AdMob.

OkHttp’ -serving API is a slick HTTP client, boasting immutability, async calls with callbacks, and synchronous blocking calls. In addition to its core capabilities, it also offers a full stack of open source ad-serving libraries to power your app’s next gen ads. One of its flagships is the AdMob AdVault, a slick, easy to deploy ad vault for your app’s most important media files.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I was not provided with a test-run to find out if the aforementioned ad-serving library is the best fit for your app’s ad-serving needs. I did, however, come across several of its kin. Fortunately, the aforementioned ad-serving libraries are available in a variety of flavors, making it a cinch to implement a slicker, more ad-friendly version of your existing mobile ad-serving platform. Having said that, the aforementioned ad-serving servers aren’t the only options on the market. Despite the fact that there are countless ad-serving platforms out there, a few of them are a cut above the rest. So what is it that makes a particular ad-serving platform so special?